If you have chosen your diploma thesis topic wisely, writing the theoretical chapters is a simple matter. You collect materials, you sit down to the computer and with our help you can write a chapter even in 1 day.

It’s getting more interesting when you join the research part. Usually, you will encounter the first problems when you start writing a methodological chapter of your work.

Is it difficult to prepare a methodological chapter?

We will answer this question like a real politician – “it depends”.

If you want to learn all the literature on creating methodology for scientific papers, you will not prepare it in a few weeks.

If you focus on the specifics, you’ll prepare the methodological chapter in one afternoon.

Will We get the formulas of methodological chapters?

Writing a methodology takes an average of 19 hours.

Do you want to waste so much time?

We provide you with 14 complete templates of methodological chapters. These are proven schemes that you will quickly apply in your diploma thesis.

Thanks to ready-made designs, you’ll save over a dozen hours of your precious time by 99%. Spring is coming. Do you know what you will use it for?

Will We teach you to write a methodological chapter?

We will try, but We can not guarantee it. The shape of the methodological separation of your diploma thesis depends on the requirements of the university and, above all, the promoter. However, We will present you the most important elements that you must include in the content of your methodology. We will also show you what to focus on and what to omit.

We will consciously not discuss many elements of methodology that are not necessarily.

We will present to you the simplest possible way to prepare a methodology that will be sufficient in most diploma theses.

When should you write a methodological chapter?

In purely theoretical work, you usually do not have to have an extensive methodology. The methodological chapter you write in research.

Nevertheless, make sure you need it. Often, the promoter does not require the entire methodological chapter. All you need to do is to briefly describe the methodology at the beginning of the research part.

What is a methodological chapter?

Simply put, this is an extensive introduction to the research part. The methodological chapter begins the research part of your bachelor or master thesis.

The promoter reading it should be able to quickly understand what you will do in the research part, what phenomenon you want to investigate and what tool you want to use.

By the way, the promoter, looking at the construction and appearance of the methodology, is able to immediately verify at what level your entire work is.

The most important elements of the methodological chapter

The methodological chapter usually assumes a similar shape to the formula below.

Methodology of research / Methodological assumptions of own research.

  • 3.1. Subject and purpose of research
  • 3.2. Research problems / research questions
  • 3.3. Research hypotheses
  • 3.4. Research methods, techniques and research tools
  • 3.5. Organization and course of research

Discussion of individual elements of the methodological chapter

When constructing the subchapters of the methodology of your research, first present a few definitions (2-3), and then refer to your work.

Bibliography for research methodology

As you probably noticed, We first gave definitions of terms and then my explanation. As We have already mentioned, you will have to do the same in your methodology.

First you give the definitions of individual elements and then present your methodological assumptions.

Although the literature on the methodology is abundant, We can recommend you in particular a few items in which you will find the definitions you need.

How many pages should research methodology have?

Usually the methodological chapter is the shortest of all the work. Therefore, do not overdo it with the quantity. 9-13 pages are enough.

You do not have to give a lot of definitions, the most important thing is to clearly and concretely present the assumptions of your research.

Research chapter in thesis

We are very pleased with the popularity of this article. Several thousand people have used the advice. Several hundred, however, downloaded the formulas of methodological chapters.

However, the whole question is still:

  • When will the material be made about writing research chapters?

We answer:

  • We work on it intensely. No later than May 15, he will publish a comprehensive article on the preparation of the research part in his diploma thesis. There has never been such a thing!

Professional help

Is it difficult to prepare a methodological chapter? We think not. If you put in it the elements We wrote about above, you will definitely receive a positive rating.

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